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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  February 11, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> good morning everyone, it's 6 o'clock on this wednesday february 11th and here's what's happening. >> the nation marks the death of the fourth american hostage killed by isis. her grieving family releases new details of her 18 months in captivity. >> papers full of personal information are found blowing around the streets in a philadelphia neighborhood. it is an "action news" exclusive. >> a giant powerball jackpot is up for grabs tonight. >> let's turn to weather and traffic and david and karen. good morning. >> good morning, guys. we are off to a clear start a lot of stars overhead right now. satellite showing you there's a little bit of cloud cover down by the shore you might have to deal with early. out to the west some of that stuff pitching in by pittsburgh might start to filter in later in the day. generally speaking i think it's fairly bright. 27 is your current temperature so we are cold to start out. and there's a little bit of a wind dropping down out of the north so the wind chill currently making it feel like it's 17 in philadelphia.
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in fact just about all of us are dealing with wind chills in the teens. read those pages 290 to 300. that's good because those higher numbers mean we're starting to get towards the second half of the school year. won't be too much longer before summer. by 3 o'clock 39 degrees which is fairly seasonable just a couple of degrees below average. when i step inside we do have much colder air coming in. generally speaking over the next week, karen. >> now signing the kids homework pages good, day. looking outside at i-95 we've got this accident. it has been pushed off to the side. it was blocking the left lane. no longer blocking any lanes at this point but off to the side on i-95 northbound. this is between academy and woodhaven. it's not causing a big delay at this point. southbound the other side of the highway here we see some building volume coming in from yardley or langhorne. no major delay just yet on i-95 and the big picture reflecting that with speeds mostly in the 50's on i-95 as well as the schuylkill and the blue route. but the problem this morning has been in chester county on
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the 30 bypass. westbound they have been intermittently blocking it between 340 and reeceville road. the right lane is still blocked because of an accident involving an overturned tractor-trailer that was carrying paper. it went down an embankment. tow truck has been out there trying to pull it out of the embankment. just the right lane blocked right now. in the meantime stick to business route 30 or the pennsylvania turnpike westbound instead t on the northeast extension we had some construction going none both directions. that just cleared and in new jersey a look at 42 northbound and all is well. we're dry today so no big problems on the roads, matt and tam. >> thank you karen. we also have details on a two-vehicle crash that brought traffic tragedy to bucks county. one person was killed and two others were hurt when the vehicles collided in richland township. it happened along the 1400 block of southwest end boulevard at 8:00 last night. the two injured people were taken to the hospital. here is an "action news" exclusive. the city of philadelphia is investigating how sensitive court documents ended up scattered across city streets. hundreds of papers littered the area around 29th and
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wharton streets in the grays ferry section yesterday. the papers included social security numbers, addresses and phone numbers. it appears the paperwork came from the philadelphia adult probation and parole department. "action news" tried to contact officials there but we have not heard back. the city streets department is investigating. >> the white house has confirmed that kayla mueller that american woman held hostage by isis has died. this coming days after the terror group claimed that mueller was killed in a jordanian air strike. erin o'hearn is live at the big board with more including reaction from her family. erin she sounds like she was a special young woman. >> reporter: it's a heartbreaking story and it is hard to imagine the kind of pain kayla mueller's family is enduring after isis sent them photographs proving she was dead. now we are learning more about the letter her parents received from kayla and the failed u.s. attempt to bring her home. the 26-year-old from arizona was captured by isis militants 18 months ago while working to help war refugees, a cause she was very vocal about and
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staunchly committed to. during her captivity she managed to smuggle out a letter to her family. she wrote in part "just the thought of you all sends me into a fit of tears." over the weekend her isis captors sent her family pictures of her body after claiming she died in a jordanian air strike but u.s. officials blame the terrorist group for her death. sources involved in an attempt to rescue her say she was given to a senior isis leader as a kind of bride or reward. >> it's as tough as anything that i do having conversation with parents who understandably want by any means necessary for their children to be safe. >> kayla has touched the heart of the world. the world grieves with us. >> reporter: so hard to see that family. the three other americans held hostage by isis were all beheaded by the group. officials say they don't know exactly how or when she died.
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tam, back to you. >> okay, erin thank you. many people look forward to paying off bills or having a little fun with their tax refund but hackers are busy doing their best to literally steal your joy. maribel aber live at the nasdaq in times square. she has more on that. good morning. >> good morning tam. hackers may be stealing tax refunds in your name. stolen security numbers are selling fast on black-markets. hackers take the number and then add your name and simply plug in a fake income number an doctored w-2 to get an irs refund. the irs says it can take as long as four months to clear up a fraudulent refund. coming up later in the broadcast you'll hear from a lehigh valley man who claims he was the victim of this type of hack. whole foods recalled dozens of food items from its new jersey stores. more than 60 products sold from things like quesadilla rice beans they were recalled. the foods were prepared with ground cumin that may have contained undeclared peanut
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allergens. the fda warns people with allergens you will be at risk if they eat the recalled items. talking stocks. stocks broke a two day losing streak with the dow nasdaq s & p finishing higher. right now futures pointing to a mixed open. ford showing off its new police interceptor suv. the automaker says the crossover has become the nation's most popular police vehicle based on the ford explorer but with a different interior redone for police work and the model will have a formal unveiling tomorrow at the chicago auto show. matt, the question is will the interceptor be the new crown victoria. >> it's american made. that's good for us. tonight's powerball jackpot is one of the largest in that multi state lottery's history. bad luck with ticket buyers not matching numbers has allowed to swell to nearly half a billion dollars. eva pilgrim is fighting through the lines at a powerball deal intersouth philadelphia. >> reporter: hey, matt we're at the 7-eleven here in south philadelphia and we've got people coming in.
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the powerball was up since 5:30. people are buying their tickets. $485 billion on the line so we've got a little advice for you as far as what numbers would be best for you to play. your best bet is actually to go with a quick pick. more than 70 percent of the winners take home the prize by letting the computer pick for them. the most played number is 26. so, i don't know about you but i'd stay away from that because i don't want to share all the millions. i guess it would be share it and that not have it. the number that has shown up the most in the powerball winning lineup 20. your odds for taking home the big prize is one in 175 million and that is growing as more people are playing but that is not stopping people from dreaming. >> odds are pretty rough. if you don't buy one you don't any chance. >> i would buy everything but i would want someone to take control of that. i know myself. i would spend it all. >> reporter: all right, so
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we're here again at the 7-eleven here in south philadelphia. we've seen several people come. most people are buying multiple tickets, kind of trying to increase their odds. you have until just before 10 o'clock tonight to get your tickets. so think long and hard about what you want to play or just let the computer pick for you and take whatever it gives you. we're live in south philadelphia, eva pilgrim channel6 "action news." >> or be happy with what you have. thank you eve ranch this is the only place to watch the powerball drawing. tune in right before "action news" at 11:00 to see it live. >> it would be great if it was somebody from our area. >> it would be exciting. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows you we have no precipitation out there. pretty nice morning commute. if you take a look outside there's stars overhead. we'll see the sun come up nice and bright over the horizon. down the shore you might have a couple clouds but it is still cold similar to yesterday morning. right now we're at 27 degrees in philadelphia, 18 degrees in allentown, 30 degrees in sea isle city and there is a bit of a breeze coming down out of the north that's giving you wind chill in the teens so bundle up. you'll need your sunglasses on the highways and by ways,
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though. i-95 at the pennsylvania turnpike, all other major roads will see sunshine early and then this afternoon there might be a couple more clouds sweeping through at times. generally speaking a fairly bright day. up in allentown we're going for a high of 36. sun mixing with occasional clouds. chilly conditions up in the lehigh valley this afternoon. and down the shore in atlantic city we're going for a high a little better, 42 degrees, sun mixing with clouds, still cool but very seasonable in terms of this kind of -- or this time of year. 39 degrees is your high in philadelphia, a few degrees below average. sun mixing with clouds, chilly conditions, winds out of the north at seven to 14. not all that strong. and as we roll through the day, still in the 20's by 8 o'clock, 32 the freezing mark by 11:00. 38 by 2:00. your high today is 39 around 3 o'clock. tomorrow we've got some cloud cover in play mixing with some sunny breaks and occasionally there will be a flurry around or in the afternoon. a snow shower but it doesn't look like it's going to amount top a whole lot. i think this is going to be one of these cases where if you happen to be in an area that gets one of these spotty
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snow showers, you might get a light coverage. but the chances are pretty good that you're missing out on this. models certainly feel that way. three of them in philadelphia are showing no accumulation. the other just a coating. and up in allentown maybe a little better chance, one model says nothing a couple more pretty much a coating. there is one that says maybe a half inch but again really it just depends on where one of those little quick hitting snow showers sets up. so, nuisance precipitation tomorrow afternoon and evening. partly sunny today 39 degrees. tomorrow a couple of snow showers around with little or no accumulation in most spots 39 is the high again. then the story becomes the cold. on friday, windy and bitter, a high of just 23. dropping to 11 at night. on saturday, valentine's day 34 is the high. there could be a couple of snow showers building back in in the afternoon and evening. for now it looks fairly light. some of that might go into sunday morning. we'll keep watching that in case it changes. for now fairly light. sunday windy and frigid a high of 19 and a very rare single digit low in february. we usually get those in january but it looks like
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we're going really bottom out with cold air on sunday night. and then monday still very cold, only a high of 22 for president's day. and back up to the freezing mark for tuesday with a wintry mix possible. >> okay. thanks, david. 6:11 now. coming up a developing story from out west where the search has ended for the person who police say wounded a tv sportscaster outside of his home. >> new here at 6:00 a.m. why police in central jersey want parents to take a good look at this sketch. karen. >> we're live here in chester county on the 30 bypass at 322. no delays eastbound as you head towards exton. we'll have an update on that accident involving an overturned tractor-trailer in chester county. that's coming up. >> and cuddle time just in time for valentine's day. one of our six things you need to know later on "action news"
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>> ♪♪ >> welcome back. taking a live look here sky 6 looking out over center city. boy, is it pretty and boy is it cold. just 28 degrees out there at 6:14. >> let's check the roads on this wednesday morning with karen. >> you know what i've got to say it's not too bad knock on wood. right now we're looking at the roosevelt boulevard past broad street. no problems here on the boulevard unlike yesterday and we had such a nightmare on the boulevard with that water main break causing problems in northeast philadelphia. and today about 9:30 they're going o continue to do some repairs and cause some
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restrictions here. northbound two lanes of the inner drive and southbound one lane of the inner drive will be blocked here between grant avenue and conwell avenue as they still deal with the repairs from yesterday but for now everything is opened and moving fine out there. in chester county, 30 bypass westbound between 340 and reeceville road, we still have this accident blocking the right lane. the tractor-trailer was carrying paper, went down an embankment. it's been a mess out there. they have the tow truck hopefully getting ready to make good progress with this. in the meantime stick to business route 30 or the pennsylvania turnpike westbound instead. in honeybrook we've got an eight month bridge repair project and it begins today. so you're going to be dealing with this on 322 that's horseshoe pike at the bridge over the brandywine creek. only one lane will be available so temporarily traffic signal will control the traffic in that one lane. that's going to be a mess. eight months. get used to it. hashtag 6abc traffic on twitter is a good way to get all the updates and i'll give them to you around the clock. temperature-wise it's cold but we're dry today so that's good news.
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22 degrees in warrington, 27 in chester and center city. if you're in new jersey in some of the suburbs 24 in browns mills, 28 buena, 28 right now in dover delaware. cold start but at least we're dry, matt and tam. >> all right, thank you karen. developing this morning, a man accused of shooting a california tv sportscaster surrendered to a swat team overnight. police say sports anchor kyle kraska was shot in the leg and stomach yesterday afternoon outside of his san diego home and the windows of kraska's mercedes had also been shot out. six hours later 54-year-old mike montana surrendered to police. police have not yet released a motive or relationship between the two men. kraska's tv station says the sportscaster is expected to recover. >> new on "action news," a new clue in the search for a child predator in new jersey. this is a sketch of the suspect. police in phillipsburg say a man who looks like this tried to pick up a student walking near and dover morris elementary school on friday of last week. the child ignored his advances
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and the man drove away. >> it is now 6:16 and there are more brand new stories coming up next including a drastic reversal of dietary guidelines that could change the way you eat in a big way. >> new developments in the case of a new york city police officer who shot and killed an unarmed man. david. >> we're cold again this morning with a bit of a wind chill out there in the teens so dress the kids up with extra gear on the way out the door. this afternoon we moderate a bit. i'll have your day planner forecast and your airport call coming up next. >> ♪♪ and we're both really good at teaching people a lesson. um, let's go. cool. sit down! alright. sorta you, isn't you. only esurance has coveragemyway. it helps make sure you only pay for what's right for you not someone sorta like you. i think i blacked out from fear... did we ask him where mr. craig was? we did. esurance. backed by allstate. click or call. this is me this is me ten years ago. fifty pounds ago
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>> happenings today pennsylvania governor tom wolf will visit our region to announce a plan to increase school funding. wolf stopped down caln elementary school this morning. he'll outline a proposal to increase funding for public schools. >> time to check the roads. i've got to say commute not horrible at this point and not horrible is good for philadelphia. let take a look outside right now. i-95 past woodhaven road we have an accident on i-95 here but it's off to the side not
6:20 am
causing too much of a problem. you can't see it from this camera shot. southbound volume from yardley and langhorne, northbound that accident pushed off to the side so not causing too much of a delay. upper providence montgomery couldn't we have a new accident here, second avenue and hafn erode. masonsy trance on time. >> on the chilly side this morning. 28 degrees by 9 o'clock. by 9 o'clock it doesn't change all that much. there will be a few more clouds as the day goes on. high is 39 degrees, a bit of a breeze but not all that different from yesterday. the winds are lighter even though the temperatures are a little bit cooler. little bit of snow just east and south of denver changing over to rain east of the rocky mountains. looks like portland is basically dry a-little snow shower in the northern michigan peninsula but nothing in the major cities and florida is looking good. as we take a look at your big board at the airport it's all green aircraft, no major delays reported. and clear skies in a lot of places like orlando and atlanta if you're flying south
6:21 am
you're looking pretty good this morning. tam, matt. >> thank you david. brand new here at 6:00 a.m. a lehigh valley man realized someone had stolen his identity and his tax refund before he even got a chance to file his taxes on high pressure. adam van current says someone else beat him to it and filed his federal tax return using turbo tax. the bethlehem man says whoever did this used information from his 2013 taxes. >> i logged onto turbo and noticed that it was already filed back on february 1st. so that a trigger right there an alarm. i thought you a crazy. i thought i lost it because i don't remember filing for it. >> last week turbo tax briefly stopped e filings of state income tax returns because of fraud concerns. turbo tax's parent company intuit says it does not believe the fraud is the result of a security breach of its systems and says the personal information was obtained somewhere else. >> tonight on "action news" at 11:00 we go undercover as part of a special investigation because valentine's day is
6:22 am
just days away and some people might be buying gold for their sweeties. here's wendy saltzman with a preview. >> reporter: if you take a look at these earrings it may be impossible to tell what's real gold and what isn't. >> i feel very ripped off. >> reporter: we received a call from this viewer who said she was sold fake gold. so we went undercover to investigate for ourselves. >> fool's gold. >> reporter: tonight we'll show you the test that can determine if you're being smart changed and we approached the jewelry store for answers. isn't that defrauding the customer though? we'll tell you what you need to know to protect yourself from buying something that isn't what you think only on "action news" tonight at 11:00. >> it's now 6:22. and when we come back six things you need know. >> eva pilgrim is talking to people who hope to win half a billion dollars tonight. eva. >> reporter: oh, yeah, matt, they're all hoping for a little money today. $485 million on the line. people are already buying their powerball tickets this
6:23 am
morning. >> ♪♪ made a best friend forever. the back seat of my subaru is where she grew up. what? (announcer) the 2015 subaru forester (girl) what? (announcer) built to be there for your family. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru.
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>> there's so much going on in our news room, stories coming in all the time so erin o'hearn has been busy gathering and streamlining key stories. she's live at the big board with six things you need to know. good morning. >> good morning, tam. new this morning a rookie new york city police officers has been indicted in the killing of an unarmed man. police say officer peter lieng had a gun drawn and shot 28-year-old akai gurley in a
6:26 am
dark stairwell at a brooklyn public housing complex. officer lieng is scheduled to appear in court today. brian williams has been suspended for six months without pay following his false claims about an experience he had during the iraq war. nbc also said it had concerns about comments williams made outside nbc while talking about his experiences in the field. go ahead enjoy some eggs and bacon for breakfast this morning. it's okay. new research has undermined the world that dietary -- role that dietary cholesterol plays in a person's heart health. the vials sorry committee will no longer people to avoid eggs shellfish and other cholesterol laden foods. happening today mayor nutter plans to make an announcement about philadelphia's much anticipated bikeshare system including the system's name and web site. bikes will be available for pickup and drop-off at 60 stations across philadelphia starting this spring.
6:27 am
jon stewart fons fans a mourning this morning. during a recent taping of his news cat the host of the daily show announced he's stepping down from the anchor chair. no word on exactly what he's doing next but he says he's looking forward to having dinner with his family during the week having he's heard they're pretty nice people. we all know that sometimes they do things differently over on the west coast. saturday portland oregon will be home to the first cuddle conference. in addition to 12 hours of cuddling participants will take yoga and have pillow fights. this is purely platonic and organizers say they won't put up any any funny business. cute or creepy? i was going come over and cuddle but i think we have an on high pressure course here warning us not to do that. [laughter] >> we have a moral clause as well. [laughter] >> not that kind of show. >> thanks for the offer erin. >> it is now 6:27. whew. dave murphy is tracking a big cool down in the seven day.
6:28 am
your accuweather forecast is next. >> you might want to cuddle it will be so cold, right. members of the taney dragons are awaiting a decision on whether the team that beat them in the little league world series cheated. we'll be back there's something happening right here in this country. it's the sound of america... working with american materials... in american factories. at weathertech all we do is create
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the highest quality automotive accessories including laser measured custom fit floor liners. order yours today at or call 1-800-car-mats weathertech floor liners. proudly made in america.
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>> happening now on "action news," new jersey homeowners say this man pulled a fast one with their finances and police worry these victims are not alone. >> little league title tarnished. questions about the way the team that beat our taney dragons made it to the top. >> giant jackpot. powerball players hope to cash in on tonight's $485 million prize. i got quick pick tickets. eva says that's always a good way to go. >> i'm not playing. 6:30. leave it all for somebody else matthew. we're off to a clear start. there are a few clouds over by the coast but satellite shows
6:31 am
you most of us will need sunglasses as we climb into the car and head up and down i-95. there's some cloud cover out to the west that might try and filter in as the day goes on. 27 degrees currently in philadelphia. so, a number that was very similar or that is very similar to what we saw this time yesterday and again we've got a bit of a wind dropping down out of the north, too so for the second straight morning wind chills in the teens. as we roll through the day 27 degrees by 8 o'clock, 35 by noon and the afternoon high is 39 at 3 o'clock. that's a few degrees above -- or below average i should say but still seasonable for this time of year. just a slight breeze blowing during the afternoon. karen, we've got much colder air coming in in the accuweather 7-day along with a couple shots at some light snow. details coming up. >> something to look forward to dave. i-95 at least we're dry this morning, it may be cold out there but no big problems. this is your southbound traffic here at cottman. and you could see it's pretty heavy as you try to head towards center city. a 25 minute ride from woodhaven to the vine. we do still have that accident northbound on i-95 near academy but that's off to the
6:32 am
shoulder so not causing a big problem there. on the ben franklin parkway right here the ramp from that we can see to the vine eastbound a disabled vehicle kind of through the trees over there and also some building volume on the vine street expressway there approaching the schuylkill. in new garden township police here in chester county tell me about an accident involving a pedestrian. the pedestrian was struck. we have police responding to the scene right now. this is newark road at route 41 newport gap pike so watch for that accident just coming in to us. also in chester county, police tell me that the accident still out here. it's been awhile on the 30 bypass westbound between 340 and reeceville road. this is the one where the overturned tractor-trailer was carrying paper, went down an embankment. tow truck has been out there. hopefully they'll be able to clear this up. we have this accident upper providence on second avenue and hafn erode. a few things going out there today mat and tam but the roads are dry. >> thank you karen. happening today a man will face a judge in south jersey. police say he's part of a tri-state mortgage scam. they warn you should pay attention to this story. they think there could be more victims out there.
6:33 am
40-year-old daniel sheehan is accused of pretending to help people pay off their mortgages collecting payments and fees but police say that money never made it to the banks. "action news" spoke to two alleged victims in south jersey, one of whom asked that we not show her face. >> he just seemed like a really nice guy. he didn't seem shady or anything at first. >> the checks were just cashed out at different banks. nothing was deposited. he was just taking the checks, cashing them and taking the money. so, he did this to me for a year. >> police are asking any more potential targets of sheehan to contact them. right now investigators confirm eight victims in gloucester township who are owed more than $50,000. >> the u.s. champs of last summer's little league world series are awaiting a ruling today that could cost them the title. they knocked taney dragons out of the competition. "action news" reporter erin o'hearn is live at the big board with the story. >> the allegations are pretty
6:34 am
unsettling. these are kids and championships aside the basic idea of sportsmanship and fair play should trump any trophy or accolade. you may remember this heartbreaking moment, the game that brought the taney dragons' magical run to an end and jackie robinson west went on to beat las vegas to win the championship. but now little league officials are investigating claims chicago may have stacked its team with players from outside its district lines to create a so-called super team. ceo of little league baseball told our sister station espn that the findings of a recent review of the matter are complete and again the results of that investigation could be released today. if officials have found these claims are true, many believe including the father of a taney dragons player that jackie robinson west should be stripped of its championship title. >> it's not up for me to decide. that if he broke the rules i don't think they should just hand the title to las vegas.
6:35 am
i think that las vegas and the taney dragons should have to play another game and i don't care if they play it in the snow. >> jackie robinson west wouldn't be the first team to have its little league title stripped. in 19 into a philippines team was stripped of its title after using players outside its district and who were over age. in 2001 a team from the bronx was forced to forfeit after the pitcher was revealed to be over age. so again the results of those findings may be released today. matt, back to you. >> okay, thanks so much, erin. time right now is 6:35 and the family of a pennsylvania state trooper who was killed in a training accident is not satisfied with the outcome of the investigation. corporal richard schroder's load gun went off at the montgomery county public safety campus back in september. 26-year-old david kedra a state trooper was killed. schroder faces five counts of reckless endangerment. >> this is a slap on the wrist for this man and a slap in the face for david our family and for justice.
6:36 am
richard schroder shot my brother to death and he is being charged for a lesser crime that a won't even prevent him from owning a gun. my baby brother wasn't just endangered, he was killed. >> trooper kedra's family wanted the montgomery county district attorney to pursue more serious charges. d.a. risa furman says she's terribly sympathetic to the family but must follow the law and the charges the grand jury recommended. schroder's attorney says his client is wracked with remorse. >> there are 485 million reasons to play powerball tonight. ticket sales have driven the prize to historic heights. "action news" reporter eva pilgrim is live in south philadelphia with more on the giant jackpot. i would imagine people are starting to get excited. >> reporter: oh, yeah, everyone is dreaming about how they would spend all these millions and millions of dollars. and here at the 7-eleven in south philadelphia we've seen people streaming in this morning buying their powerball tickets. most of them buying multiple powerball tickets. this is the fifth largest jackpot in u.s. history.
6:37 am
it's actually been more than two months since anyone has won a powerball jackpot so the prize has been gradually growing from its 40 million starting point. while the chance of winning is just one in 175 million and growing as more and more people play, that is not stopping some people from dreaming big. >> well, i'm getting up there. i would do a little more traveling and stuff. got to take care of the kids and stuff, grand kids. everybody would be taken care of. >> i would take care of my daughter, you know, get her mom a new car just chill. >> reporter: back out here live with talked with workers here at this convenience store and they tell us that right now it's actually a little slow 'cause people still waking up thinking about the powerball but later this afternoon they expect to have a line out the door probably about 2, 3 o'clock. so my advice to you if you're planning on playing the powerball today get your tickets early. we're live here in south philadelphia, eva pilgrim channel6 "action news".
6:38 am
>> mine are in my purse. thank you eve vavment 6abc is the only place to see the winning numbers at 10:59 right before "action news" at 11:00. >> did you into with someone or did you just -- i just want to know. >> i -- i -- >> you bought them yourself. >> i bought them myself. now that we've gotten to the bottom that of. >> were there to do. storm tracker 6 live double scan. you can talk about whatever you want when i'm over here. nothing going on precipitation-wise. as we take a look outside we got some sun coming up over the horizon. skies brighter over the ben franklin bridge and it's going to be a good looking morn with plenty of sunshine, just a few clouds that will erode pretty quickly but we're cold. 27 degrees right now in philadelphia, very similar to where we were this time yesterday. winds out of the north at 12. your wind chills are making it feel like it's in the uner teens across most of the region. so, bundle up. but keep the sunglasses end in you're behind the wheel up and down i-95, out the pa turnpike, 295, the jersey turnpike, it's all going to be sunny early on. then you see clouds out to the west that might filter in at times this afternoon. generally speaking it's a
6:39 am
pretty good looking day. it's not going to feel too badly this afternoon. 27 by a it clock, freezing mark by 11:00. we'll get a high of close to 40 and today the winds will be a little bit less than yesterday. high temperatures up in the lehigh valley mid 30's in trenton and allentown, 37 in reading, 40 in millville and 42-degree readings in cape may and atlantic city. chilly today but seasonable. and as we take a look at tomorrow, we'll feature a mix of clouds and sun through most of the day. there is the chance of a flurry through especially the afternoon and then into the evening and there might even be a couple of scattered snow showers. where these happen to pop up and hit through the afternoon and evening, they could put down a quick light accumulation but as you can see they're spotty and not everybody is necessarily going to see these. the models really not too excited about this. three of them have no accumulation at all in philadelphia. one just a trace. if you go up to allentown, there's a little better chance of accumulation but one model up there has nothing and the highest one has about a half an inch and really i think the
6:40 am
reason you're seeing the low amounts first of all is that there's not going to be much moisture and reason there's disagreement sheer it really just depends on where you happen to get one of those snow showers. so light nuisance stuff tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow evening. 39 degrees partly sunny today. tomorrow some snow showers in some neighborhoods a high of 39. little or no accumulation in most areas. and then friday the story becomes the cold. it's windy it's bitter, a high of 23, wind chills in the single digits for a good portion of the day. we're back up to about 34 on saturday with another round of snow showers possible in the evening and perhaps into sunday morning. again for now this looks like light accumulation. and then sunday look out a high of just 19 and a rare february overnight low in the single digits. this is going to be really brutal. on sunday i could see wind chills down around zero for a good portion of the day. and certainly in the single digits at the best of times. and then we get into monday, still very cold, 22 degrees for president's day. 32 on tuesday with a wintry mix possible. >> okay, thank you david. it is now 6:40 and dating
6:41 am
in disguise. police say a man out west has an ulterior motive when it comes to meeting women and it's a terrible one. >> there are new developments in a triple shooting down south. hear what the victim's family is saying about the suspect. karen. >> we're live in exton chester county, 30 bypass approaching route 100. you could see that disabled vehicle off to the shoulder eastbound as you head towards 202. when we come back we're going to talk about that overturned tractor-trailer went down an embankment. an accident involving a pedestrian. just got off the phone with police in bucks county, an accident there. all that when "action news" comes right back
6:42 am
6:43 am
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>> ♪♪ >> 6:44. really getting a lot of good sunrises and sun sets and a lot of you have sen pictures of them to facebook and twitter all over our accounts. that's south jersey. sun officially coming up this morning at 6:59 a.m. >> and the only thing better than a beautiful sunrise is a beautiful commute but that is not what the people behind are you getting karen. >> we don't get a lot of those beautiful commutes here do, we no. looking live on the schuylkill expressway. no big accidents or problems. roads are dry here on the schuylkill. this is just what it looks like on the schuylkill looking live at conshohocken eastbound traffic already jammed from the blue route to the curve and westbound traffic right here you can see pretty heavy from past the boulevard to girard. so, you can see the slowing on the schuylkill. roosevelt boulevard was just a nightmare yesterday. northeast philadelphia that water main break closing 12 lanes of traffic. everything is opened right now and fine. but starting at 9:30 they're going to start to make more repairs here.
6:45 am
they're waiting until after the morning rush. they'll block two lanes inner drive northbound and one lane southbound so you'll see those restrictions coming up but it shouldn't affect too many people. they'll wait until after the morning rush. i talked to police here in bucks county and they tell me about a new accident in langhorne they're responding to right now. they've asked for an ambulance to come out and help as well. so sounds like a serious accident and this is flowers mill road at 213 which is maple avenue. now in chester county, we still have this accident with an overturned t. it has been out there all morning. went down an embankment. it was carrying paper. it's blocking the right lane now on 30 bypass westbound between 340 and reeceville road so they have the tow truck out there but it's been awhile. in the meantime just stick to business route 30 or pennsylvania turnpike westbound. and police in chester county tell me about this accident involving a pedestrian here. this is in new garden township on newark road at route 41 and they say the road in this area is blocked and you're getting all the latest on twitter with the #6abc traffic. that's how i update you even when i'm not on the air. temperature-wise it's cold, 21
6:46 am
in quakertown, 23 in saint davids, 26 in center city. and in the suburbs in new jersey and delaware also in the mid to upper 20's but we're at least dry today. matt and tam. >> all right, karen thank you. developing right now police have arrested the man who they believe murdered three people just off the campus of university of north carolina chapel hill. 46-year-old craig hicks their neighbor is charged with three counts of first degree murder. relatives of the victims describe hicks as an atheist militant who hates muslims. the victims had muslim names but police are not saying if their beliefs factored into a motive for the killings. also developing a 100 car pileup in south korea this morning left two people dead. this is brand new video of the aftermath. the number of those injured continues to climb. at least 65 people were hurt. dense fog is to blame for the massive wreck on a bridge that leads to the international airport near seoul.
6:47 am
drivers said they could not see more than 10 yards ahead. >> new here at 6:30 a utah man is accused of pretending to be interested in women so that he could prey on their children. police say 54-year-old james brausch molested to girls. he met the first victims mother at a support group for widows. when they broke up he hooked up with another woman on the dating web site. the victims children were seven and 10 years old. >> 6:47. following a developing story and so is "good morning america." the latest on the isis murder of american kayla mueller. a lie "gma" preview is up next.
6:48 am
6:49 am
6:50 am
>> time to get a look at what's coming up on "gma." >> it's the show that comes right after every day. amy robach joining us live live with a preview. good morning, amy. >> reporter: good morning, matt and tam. great to be with you. coming up next on "good morning america," the developing story we'll have the latest on the death of american hostage kayla mueller who had been held for a year and a half by the terror group isis. this morning we're learning more about her life in captivity and a secret effort to try and rescue her. brian ross is here with those details. and then arctic blast. some of the coldest temperatures of the season, they aren't already here? no, apparently not. they're about to blanket the midwest and the northeast and even some more snow in the
6:51 am
forecast. ginger is tracking it all for us. then we have "gma" survival week. winter edition. how to survive an avalanche astonishly footage caught on camera. the information that could save your life on the mountain. and then we have our big "dancing with the stars" pro dancers reveal. you can find out right here first which pros will be spinning into the ballroom this season. maybe in will heat things up here for us all coming up next on "good morning america." matt and tam. >> all right, thanks amy. we'll see you in a couple minutes. >> i was just thinking yesterday that i miss "dancing with the stars." i can't wait for it to come back so it is. >> there you. >> oh let's take a look outside right now and check your commute. this is 422 approaching trooper. we're really jammed up here from past oaks to 23 eastbound on 422. roads are dry. no big accidents on 422 just a slow go there but police in berks county tell me about a single vehicle accident that overturned out here and they have shut down mountain home road. a couple other accidents coming in in bucks county dave
6:52 am
one of 309 southbound and another also on 309 southbound near 563. >> all right, karen, thank you. we have lots of extra gear on the kids this morning because we're looking at temperatures in the 20's, wind chills in the teens to start out. this afternoon like yesterday it won't be quite as cold and the winds are going to be a little less than yesterday so things getting better later on if you have operational shopping trips to take you might want to wait until later. by 9 o'clock we're still 28 degrees under the sun. a few more clouds as the day goes on but today's high will be 39 degrees and winds a little less than yesterday so it will feel better later today. matt and tam. >> all right, thank you david. it's a valentine's day themed night of comedy on 6abc that starts with the middle at 8:00 tonight. brick discovers his girlfriend cindy wants him to kiss her on valentine's day. that's followed up with the goldbergs at 9:00 check out modern family. gloria's sister sonia is back in town. can you imagine two of them? and in blackish dray sets tout
6:53 am
make sure his valentine's day with beau go off without a hitch. it's all into new tonight on 6abc. >> ♪♪
6:54 am
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>> top stories here at 6:55. the family of a pennsylvania state trooper who was killed in a training accident wants more serious charges filed
6:56 am
against the shooter. corporal richard schroder was arrested yesterday and charged with five counts and reckless endangerment. its u.s. chance at last summer's little league world series are accused of cheating. a ruling could cost jackie robinson west the title. the powerball jackpot climbed to $485 million. 6abc is the only place to watch the powerball drawing. see it live tonight right before "action news" at 11:00. >> we have a new accident coming in to us causing a problem in lawrence township. the ramp from 295 southbound to route 1 southbound partially blocked with a new accident and this one in chester county has been out here all morning. an overturned tractor-trailer carrying paper went down an embankment. still the right lane is blocked but tow truck is on the scene here on the 30 bypass westbound dave. >> chilly this morning with wind chills in the teens. but get your sunglasses ready. most of us are going to see plenty of sunshine early and it stays fairly bright. today's high 39 degrees, a few degrees below the average high of 43 but still not too bad. winds are going to be a little less than yesterday.
6:57 am
the low tonight 28 which is a little above average but look out colder air is coming by the end of the week. >> we'll be ready. of course we'll be back in 30 minutes to give you the latest weather traffic breaking news. for karen matt david i'm tam. have a great day. >> ♪♪
6:58 am
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good morning, america. and new in morning, terrified. the president calling for more power to take the fight to the brutal terror group isis. as we learn more about the death of american aid worker kayla mueller. was she forced to marry one of her captors? her heartbreaking letter to her parents. happening now, arctic palace. bitter k0e8d moving to the midwest and northeast. windchills 30 below. another shot of colder air behind it and more snow on the way for the northeast. suspended, brian williams out for anchor for six months without pay pulled off the air for making those false claims about his helicopter being hit by enemy fire in iraq. what his bosses are saying mr. their own investigation. ♪ i got a feeling ♪ and lotto fever. the frenzy right now to buy tickets for one of the


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